The UI vs. UX debate and the more holistic picture of human experience

It seems that the decades old debate within the design community of UI vs. UX is rearing up again. Most recently with the metaphor of ketchup bottles. While I think this is a neat way to visualize the discussion, I’m convinced this is a growth marketing scheme by Heinz to sell more ketchup to designers.Continue reading “The UI vs. UX debate and the more holistic picture of human experience”

Process: 14 month review of Atomic Habits & The Clear Habit Journal

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this review. This is just a product that’s really helped me refine my process, create better habits, and boost my productivity. In October of 2019, I began my journey with Atomic Habits and the Clear Habit Journal in an effort to optimize my routine and learnContinue reading “Process: 14 month review of Atomic Habits & The Clear Habit Journal”

My process for fully absorbing and implementing what I read.

This may seem like one of those self-explanatory concepts. You read stuff, you absorb it, and voilà — you’ve learned it. But how much information do we really absorb, retain — most importantly — utilize? This is a post about how I’ve refined my learning process to extract every ounce of benefit from what IContinue reading “My process for fully absorbing and implementing what I read.”

Never mind “Autopilot.” What about the people who are afraid to fly? Thoughts on creating website building software for small businesses.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that no matter how easy something may be, some folks have a tendency to stay clear away from it. And not because they don’t want to, but perhaps there’s a perception-based fear that keeps them away. They could of once had a bad experience with something or heard from the grape vine to stay away from certain goods, services, or experiences, regardless of how easy or beneficial it may be.  

Designing consistency: Impact on agencies and their customers

A long time ago in a galaxy where I still currently reside, I was a marketing & product designer for several multimedia agencies focused on building marketing websites for small businesses. The platform of choice for these small businesses? You guessed it: WordPress. Most of us know WordPress as an open source platform that’s fairlyContinue reading “Designing consistency: Impact on agencies and their customers”

Finding your target audience. A simple guide to driving more traffic to your blog.

First, define your purpose It may seem like a silly question to ask oneself—but its often a question that’s overlooked when folks get a website or blog online (or before). But the answer to “why” can often shift the tactics in which to have a successful website or blog. What’s the goal of your site,Continue reading “Finding your target audience. A simple guide to driving more traffic to your blog.”

Staying focused by shifting focus.

As designers, we have a single task. Finding a solution to a problem. No matter what discipline of design we work in, the premise is always the same. A problem exists and we need a remedy. But the thing is—problems are sometimes hard… really hard. Depending on the scope of the issue, finding the answer oftenContinue reading “Staying focused by shifting focus.”

Famous quotes without attribution

I love quotes. I love quotes because they’re often short phrases I can use to help both myself and others make sense of certain situations. They can help others know that what they’re thinking about or experiencing is often something that others have experiences in the past. We aren’t alone in out plights, and youContinue reading “Famous quotes without attribution”

Hiking Joffre Lakes in British Columbia

As a native New Englander, I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the mountains of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. I’ve been hiking and camping since I was just a small kid. Of course, the Appalachian Mountain Range isn’t the tallest or most extreme in the world, but they’re still amazing and IContinue reading “Hiking Joffre Lakes in British Columbia”

Experience the Warmth

I’d like to close my eyes, go numb But there’s a cold wind coming from The top of the highest high rise today It’s not a breeze ‘cuz it blows hard Yes and it wants me to discard The humanity I know, watched the warmth blow away So don’t let the world bring you downContinue reading “Experience the Warmth”

Ready for Anything: An Everyday Carry Exploration

Late last week, whilst looking for some new gear to make my everyday life easier, I happened to come across a site called Everyday Carry. This site allows users to post items they carry with them everyday. While I’ve seen people post articles here and there online, I’ve never seen an entire site dedicated entirelyContinue reading “Ready for Anything: An Everyday Carry Exploration”