The UI vs. UX debate and the more holistic picture of human experience

It seems that the decades old debate within the design community of UI vs. UX is rearing up again. Most recently with the metaphor of ketchup bottles. While I think this is a neat way to visualize the discussion, I’m convinced this is a growth marketing scheme by Heinz to sell more ketchup to designers.Continue reading “The UI vs. UX debate and the more holistic picture of human experience”

Staying focused by shifting focus.

As designers, we have a single task. Finding a solution to a problem. No matter what discipline of design we work in, the premise is always the same. A problem exists and we need a remedy. But the thing is—problems are sometimes hard… really hard. Depending on the scope of the issue, finding the answer oftenContinue reading “Staying focused by shifting focus.”

Famous quotes without attribution

I love quotes. I love quotes because they’re often short phrases I can use to help both myself and others make sense of certain situations. They can help others know that what they’re thinking about or experiencing is often something that others have experiences in the past. We aren’t alone in out plights, and youContinue reading “Famous quotes without attribution”

Experience the Warmth

I’d like to close my eyes, go numb But there’s a cold wind coming from The top of the highest high rise today It’s not a breeze ‘cuz it blows hard Yes and it wants me to discard The humanity I know, watched the warmth blow away So don’t let the world bring you downContinue reading “Experience the Warmth”