About Jeff Golenski

Product Designer & Project Lead at Automattic

Since 2014, Jeff has been a product designer focused on UX, at Automattic, Inc — a fully distributed company behind WordPress.com, Tumblr, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more. In his time at Automattic, Jeff has worked extensively in marketing design, front-end development, UX, and project management. He’s also given talks on Growth Design — using the growth marketing methodology (A3R3 funnel) combined with design process to optimize the customer experience while considering business goals.

Jeff Golenski

He currently focuses on leading projects that revolve around improving customer experience within Jetpack and WordPress.com. His specialties include customer journey mapping (flow mapping), customer research & interviews, data analysis & hypothesis, and visual design. Recently, he’s been working to improve the first mile of Jetpack by overseeing customer research initiatives, design sprints, and other customer-facing projects that millions of international customers interact with on a daily basis.

Before Automattic, Jeff was a product designer for BruteProtect, Senior Designer at Slocum Studio, Designer & Front-end developer at Schwadesign, Inc., and ran Midnight Shift Studio, his own small full-service design & development company from 2004—2014.

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