The Quiet Amsterdam Canals

While in Amsterdam with some colleagues this past February, we stayed on a houseboat for a couple of nights located on one of the canals. The gentle rocking of the boat at night was a wonderful way to fall asleep. While I found Amsterdam to be a bustling city during the day, it became quite…

Roads through the ages

A cobblestone road stands the test of time in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. New Bedford was once “The city that lit the world” due to its massive whaling industry. Print available at Midnight Shift Photography

Stuck in the Ice

Spending a frosty evening photographing Battleship Cove, in Fall River, Massachusetts. The USS Massachusetts is part of a large collection of naval vessels from World War II. Temperature: 10 degrees F. Wind Chill: I couldn’t feel my fingers. Camera: Fuji x-e2 Lens: 18-55mm Focal Length: 18mm Shutter Speed: 30 s Aperture: f/6.4 ISO: 800 See…

Ready for Anything: An Everyday Carry Exploration

Late last week, whilst looking for some new gear to make my everyday life easier, I happened to come across a site called Everyday Carry. This site allows users to post items they carry with them everyday. While I’ve seen people post articles here and there online, I’ve never seen an entire site dedicated entirely…

My front yard

Across the street from my apartment is one of the first mill buildings that was constructed in Fall River, Massachusetts. It’s got some beauty.