Out of Focus

A lot of folks strive to take super crisp photos, as one usually should! On the other hand, sometimes it’s fun to get creative and alter the way light is absorbed into your camera’s sensor (or film!). It often makes the subject matter unrecognizable, but in doing so you create an entirely new subject matter… In this case, I’m pretty certain I could see all the single celled organisms floating around on my lens. Yikes!

Christmas lights are always fun to play around with out of focus.

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  1. Donncha says:

    Love these, gotta try that again!

  2. blowery says:

    These would make fantastic computer desktops…

    1. jeffgolenski says:

      I suppose they would! I think I’d have to use the spot removal tool to work out some of the imperfections, though!

      1. blowery says:

        Nah, I’ll just put an icon there. 😉

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