Side passions

I have many different creative outlets and have an insatiable sense of curiosity—some say I may be a cat.

Stars above the Mountains of Colorado

When I can get away from the computer, I’m an avid landscape and astrophotographer. I’ve traveled the world with my camera and created some wonderful compositions in places like Iceland, Whistler, Hawaii, and even my own backyard in humble New England. However, I don’t just snap photos. I take time to experiment with subject, time, light, and framing to carefully craft some unique photographs.

📷 Check out my fine art photography at Midnight Shift Photography.

Aside from fine art photography that I create on my adventures, I also document said adventures, write tutorials, and even write gear reviews in my spare time. I’m an avid New England outdoorsman who loves to hike, garden, and dabble in landscape design.

🔋 Learn about my adventures and gear over at Adventure Tactician.

I take it by now that you’re able to gather that I have a fascination with nature! Another little-known hobby of mine is aquascaping. Aqua—what? Imagine creating complex landscape layouts, but inside of an aquarium. That’s aquascaping. Oh, and I also breed poison dart frogs from Central and South America. Humans are destroying the rain and cloud forests and we need to keep the animals safe.

🐠 Learn more about all that crazy stuff over at Rainforest Concepts.